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Autosport International Forum

3rd October 2019

A few weeks ago we were approached by Autosport International’s new PR agency. They told us they want to develop the Performance and Tuning section of the exhibition. We had a very encouraging meeting and whilst there is much to do to get the show where it will need to be to provide the PAAA with the best possible outcome, it’s a positive start in order to get to where we want to be.


The show is looking to re-design Hall 4 - which is next to the Engineering Show in Hall 3a - with the view of making it more appealing to the tuning fraternity, encourage greater footfall from the public and attract new and additional exhibitors. From our meeting it was apparently that they are keen to listen to what we have to say, although their plans are not exclusively for PAAA members.


One of their ideas for the new PR campaign was to invite a group of representatives from top companies in the industry to take part in a Q & A forum to debate key topics and challenges. This took place a couple of weeks ago at ITG's premises. The discussions were filmed and will be used in the show’s marketing campaign and in particular the Performance and Tuning side of things.


Beneficially, the exhibitors Autosport had approached for this forum were all PAAA members, highlighting the importance of our association to the industry, even though the show’s plans are not exclusively for the PAAA and they hope to encourage other companies.


The forum itself went very well and we understand that an edited version of the video will be made available for members to use on social media. As far as other aspects of the show are concerned, ‘live’ Q & A sessions with our members have been agreed, which will hopefully take place on the Kelsey Publishing stand. We are continuing to negotiate on other aspects, details of which we’ll report when they become available.

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