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The Performance Automotive Aftermarket Association has been founded to represent the interests of automotive product manufacturers, distributors and retailers based in the UK. The Association comprises the highest profile companies in the performance aftermarket sector.


The key benefits of membership:

  • The PAAA is the only trade organisation that comprises industry-leading companies that manufacture, distribute and sell performance parts and/or services for the UK aftermarket sector

  • The PAAA is a national trade body that provides a collective voice that is capable of applying pressure on government proposals and legislation that could undermine the trading environment

  • The PAAA has close relationships with parallel overseas organisations – potentially useful when exporting goods

  • Membership provides access to industry leaders

  • Benefits of association with the SMART Campaign

  • B2B and industry networking opportunities

  • Regular newsletters

  • Inclusion in PAAA social media activity

  • Logo and click through from PAAA website

  • Invitations to members’ general meetings

  • Vocational visits and social events

  • Use of PAAA quality mark and SMART logo to endorse products and/or services

  • Members Forum

All for just £650 per annum!

To become a member, companies are required to fulfil the following criteria:

  • To become a member, companies are expected to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Trade in the UK 

  • Carry out business within the performance automotive aftermarket sector as a manufacturer sole distributor/agent, retailer or service provider 

  • Operate on a full-time basis from a UK address

  • Be in possession of a documented warranty and/or returns policy

  • Recognise the benefits of being part of a trade association dedicated to growing and safeguarding the performance aftermarket

  • Conduct business in an ethical and responsible manner

  • Products must comply with UK standards and laws

  • Pay an annual fee of £650 (no VAT)​


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