PAAA Expo 2021
7th September 2021
VDAT v Porsche case - final judgement
26th July 2021
PAAA instrumental in saving thousands of motorsport and aftermarket jobs and businesses from EU VNUK legislation
30th June 2021
The PAAA introduces National Quality Mark Programme
4th February 2021
VDAT v Porsche case reaches successful conclusion
15th October 2020
PAAA members attend exclusive eBay presentation
14th September 2020
PAAA welcomes two new associate members
31st July 2020
PAAA members form promotional alliance
5th June 2020
Getting back to work after lockdown
28th May 2020
PAAA supports VDAT in landmark lawsuit victory
20th May 2020
Global Media Award for MSS
3rd April 2020
Spring Members’ Meeting
13th March 2020
Successful Autosport International
13th January 2020
Members' track day
1st November  2019
Autosport International Forum
3rd October 2019
PAAA tuning Expo
4th July 2019