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Getting back to work after lockdown

28th May 2020

Many PAAA  members have been working right through the lockdown since it started at the end of March. However, from what we hear for some it’s meant a skeleton team working their socks off to cover all aspects of the business, from taking the orders, supplying the service, managing the stock, packing, posting and admin.

Whilst the government has requested that those who can should have returned to work by now, in reality that’s been difficult to manage with regards the restrictions and the safeguards that have to be put in place. Thankfully, the lockdown is beginning to open up and businesses including retail have been given the green light to open up operations over the coming fortnight, provided national workplace guidelines can be adopted and followed.

We understand that many companies will already be aware of these regulations. However, we thought it would be useful to provide you with links to documents and information that we trust will assist you with establishing the resources, compiling a risk assessment and setting up your workplace in order to follow and comply with the Government, HSE and industry guidance. 

Government guidance to help employers, employees and the self-employed understand how to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic.


HSE guidance to help work safely (be COVID-secure) and manage the risk associated with running your business. Includes PDF guides on protecting people and talking to workers.


NHS advice for use when creating risk assessments and staff guidelines: 
Coronavirus symptoms
Self isolation & course of action 


Useful advice on hand sanitisers that says washing with soap and water is more affective and alcohol-based sanitisers are to be used when washing is not possible


SMMT industry guidance and best practice for the Automotive Aftermarket (PDF). A full and over-arching document with links to further information.


Please note that all of the above is subject to the national conditions that prevail at the time and any changes to Government controls and recommendations in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and mitigate the risks of infection.

We wish all our members well on their journey back to the ‘new normal’ way of working and establishing a safe and successful way of maintaining a sustainable level of business.

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