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DVSA prosecutes tuning company in first case of its kind

24th November 2023

The DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) has prosecuted a well-known performance tuner for the fitment of a non-e-marked decat device and engine remap. This fine amounted to over £7000 once costs had been added.

Read the report HERE


The case brings into sharp focus the current DVSA initiative to seek out and prosecute dealers and brands that advertise and, more importantly, supply non-road legal items to road used cars. 


The PAAA wants to ensure it can be a part of the narrative, showcasing the SMART campaign and why PAAA members stand behind it. This acronym for SMART  (Safe Modification and Responsible Tuning) very much fits the current DVSA direction and in informal chats with sympathetic politicians, they see it as a very clever pre-emptive move as a trade federation.


It is therefore a wise move that any items for sale on websites and social media that could cause a legal issue, such as certain remap types, decat exhausts, non-marked tyres and track spec brake pads have 'motorsport/trackday use only' disclaimers on, as appropriate for vehicle age and usage type.


All of these parts can still be sold and supplied, but it may be prudent to create protocols around their sale, such as insistence that track vehicles brought in for decat work are collected via trailer, and appropriate disclaimers signed. All of these will help protect members from similar future prosecutions.


The PAAA will be issuing guidance to help members prepare and will be meeting with the DVSA to see how the association can best work together, going forward.



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