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PAAA work on legislation which affects our industry.

The PAAA was created to give a collective voice for the aftermarket tuning industry when it comes to political and legislative matters. This has been successful as we are now the go-to organisation in the UK for consultation by the Government on the effect of proposed automotive UK and EU legislation.


Alongside this we have presence in Brussels and are the second biggest member of the Europe-wide European Tuning Organisation (ETO). As members of the European Union, the vast majority of legislation on our industry’s products is written and enacted from EU authorities. Therefore most of the effort of the PAAA is as a member of the ETO, which is an umbrella for national tuning organisations like the PAAA. Although the majority of the organisations are from within the EU, some, for example American SEMA, are not, so it is not exclusively European. Brexit might change these relationships, but it won’t alter our need to be part of the ETO helping to influence legislation.


The other organisation which writes international rules about car parts is the UNECE, based in Geneva. UNECE rules are agreed by many nations across the world and focus predominantly on parts critical to safety and emissions eg : brakes, seatbelts, and exhausts. At present the PAAA would seek to influence the UNECE as a part of the EU, but after Brexit we may have to lobby the UK government which should then have its own voice at UNECE.

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