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Mission statement

SMART: Safe Modification And Responsible Tuning


The Performance Automotive Aftermarket Association comprises a range of market-leading component manufacturers, suppliers and service providers. It is a professional body that represents the interests and values of the UK performance tuning industry.


In response to the changing market and pressures applied on the industry by motor manufacturers and government legislation, the SMART campaign has been introduced to provide PAAA member companies with a mandate to support and promote safe and responsible vehicle modification and engine tuning for cars that are used on public roads.


The mandate aims to unify and focus the performance tuning industry to manufacture and supply products that are safe, road legal and fit-for-purpose, while continuing to offer improved performance and vehicle dynamics.


The campaign will emphasise to consumers the importance of carrying out modifications and tuning in a manner that is safe, legal and socially responsible, while taking into consideration the enthusiasm and passion they have for their cars. 


PAAA member companies will seek to promote the campaign by displaying the SMART identity and message - when possible - on products, packaging, and communications.

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